Watch Misbah Ul Haq Goes Head To Head With Ali Zafar In A Pushup Challenge

Pakistani singer, actor and man of many talents, Ali Zafar is returning once again to compose the theme song for Pakistan Super League season 2.

But it seems like Ali isn’t only busy composing the new track for PSL, he also getting on with the spirit of the tournament alongside none other than Pakistan Test Captain, Misbah Ul Haq.

Ali Zafar recently shared a video on his Instagram account going head to head with Misbah in a push-up challenge.

The push-up challenge trend started last year when the test captain celebrated his innings century by doing a series of push-ups in front of the crowd and camera.

The push ups celebration was a welcoming change and went viral over social media.

Following that, the entire team celebrated with push ups later on in the tournament.

The video below shows Ali Zafar doing push ups against Misbah Ul Haq while the new theme for PSL season 2 is being played in the background.

And so it starts. The spirit of cricket. #misbah #hblpsl #pushupcontest. #abkheljamayga

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Listen to the full PSL S2 song:

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Unfortunately, the video ends before we can find out who won the challenge. But we can see that both of the stars are easily performing pushups to match even.

The second season of PSL begins next month. You can check out the schedule here.