Traveling To The United States Or United Kingdom? Turkish Airlines Have A Special Offer For You

If you’re already planning to visit the United States or the United Kingdom, you should definitely check out the offer Turkish Airlines have for Pakistanis.

Turkish Airline has come up with an offer that will make your traveling a bit more enjoyable and easy than the rest of the airlines this summer.

The airlines is offering every Pakistani a free 7-day transit visa and a single night stay for free in a five-star hotel located in Istanbul.

Speaking to the press, a spokesperson for the company said that tourism industry in Turkey is flourishing, especially with visitors from Pakistan. Turkey has seen at least 20% growth in tourism from Pakistan since 2015.

To give you an incentive, the Airlines will give you this offer starting from March 2017.

The spokesperson from the company also said that Pakistan International Airlines and Turkish Airlines code sharing agreement for the US and Europe will also be extended.

The code-sharing agreement will be signed in Istanbul on Wednesday.

The new code-sharing agreement will enable the Pakistan Airlines to sell out Turkish Airlines tickets that go beyond Istanbul to many different locations.