Shehzad Roy Is Developing Interactive Text Book For Children Hoping To Change The Pakistani Education System

The Pakistani legend Shehzad Roy continues to impress with his remarkable and unmatched talent. He has produced a number of music projects that became an instant hit in Pakistan.

But music isn’t the only thing Shehzad Roy keeps himself busy with. He is also known for his involvement in philanthropic activities. He is a humanitarian with an extremely strong desire to make things right for Pakistan.

Speaking of making things right in Pakistan, one of the biggest issues the country faces is the lack of education.

Millions of children remain in the dark as there are not enough education facilities to deal with the demand. If that isn’t enough, the current situation of the education system in Pakistan is broken and has never been updated properly since its inception.

The textbooks taught in our school were made eons ago and are still being used to educate children in this modern era. Simply speaking, there has been very less development in the system from within.

Shehzad Roy is taking necessary steps to improve the education system of Pakistan by bringing in better and helpful textbooks.

He is developing an interactive and unique textbook that makes teaching and learning an incredibly interesting experience for both the teachers and students.

The new textbook being developed by Shehzad Roy and his partners will incorporate lessons into stories that will spark interest and curiosity in children.

Watch what Shehzad Roy has to say about his textbook in an interview given to Geo News: