Shamoon Abbasi Releases 3 Short Films On The Internet That Are Worth Checking Out

Pakistani cinema industry may have revived in the past couple of years, but it isn’t exactly giving back to the producers.

The fact that Pakistani cinemas couldn’t survive without Indian movies after the controversial ban on Indian content, is proof enough.

Industry expert, director, and actor Shamoon Abbasi believes it isn’t still safe to invest in Pakistani cinema.

He recalls the past two years where Pakistan has been able to release several films of its own, but only a few were able to make it big.

The rest were not good enough to return the investment the producers had put in.

He noticed that Pakistani cinema still lacks quality content or content that can successfully engage and capture the interest of the audience.

Hence he decided to take a completely different route by introducing a new platform which will allow films to be released through the internet/social media.

His project, 6dapack is a series of 6 films that have a particular focus on the screenplay. These films also hit on the social issues of Pakistan.

Out of 6, three films titled ‘Zinda’, Qassab and Mey Rahungi have already been released.

The films are directed by Shamoon while Sherry Shah is on the co-production.

The rest of the three films are under production and will be released soon.

You can watch all three short films below:



Mey Rahungi