Samsung To Finally Reveal What Went Wrong With Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Electronics is ready to reveal the results of an investigation that went into the cause of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones exploding or catching fire.

In October 2016, when several people reported Galaxy Note 7 exploding or catching fire even after replacing the original device with a safe unit, Samsung decided to withdraw the phones and bring about a complete halt to its production.

Later on, the smartphone giant announced that a thorough investigation will go through to see what caused the phone to malfunction.

At that time, it was suspected that a combination of factors was contributing towards the exploding batteries. Many experts believed that Samsung tried to save costs with manufacturing the phone.

Samsung lost about $5.1 billion in operating profit following the episode with Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Many investors also pulled out their shares from the company and demanded that Samsung finds out the root cause.

Now the investigation has been completed and Samsung is ready to release the complete report which will reveal what was wrong with the smartphone.

This will help the company get back the lost trust from customers who were furious over a flagship phone causing problems.