PEMRA Is Set To Launch An Interactive Learning Programme For Pakistanis

The Pakistani Electronic Media Regularity Authority is all set to launch an interactive learning program for journalists and channels.

The programme will ensure the implementation of the Code of Conduct. It has been given the name ‘ The Code of Conduct: A Collective Responsibility’.

The programme will basically put together the authority officials with electronic media houses to discuss on the Electronic Media Code of Conduct 2015.

They will try to get feedback from the journalists and other officials in the electronic media to help improve the regulatory function of PEMRA. This will also help in bridging the gap between the electronic media houses and PEMRA.

The very first session of the interactive learning programme will be held in Islamabad with the help of local TV channels. From there on, Pemra will move to the other 4 provinces of Pakistan and will have sessions with other media houses.

The programme is also open to all students in journalism as well as reporters from different news channels. They will be invited to share their concerns and feedback to improve the effectiveness and implementation of the Electronic Media Code of Conduct.