Patari’s First Street Star’s Song Is Out And Its Killing It

Tabeer brings Sibbi Rapper back with SomeWhatSuper Produced Song

There is no denying that Pakistan has tons of talent. It has so much talent that there aren’t enough platforms to recognize them.

But things are slowly changing for the good thanks to online streaming platform Patari.

Patari has started a new talent hunt program which brings street talent in the studio to perform and show their talent to the world.

The company was able to find 6 such individuals who are full of raw talent but nowhere to show their skills.

They brought these six together and paired them with industry expert producers.

One of the first of these guys includes Abid Brohi, an errand boy from Sibi Baluchistan.

Abid went viral on social media with the help of a video that showcases his raw talent in rapping. He raps in Balochi, Urdu, and Sindhi.

Patari got in touch with the boy and set him up with SomeWhatSuper, an electronic music band from Lahore.

Now they have come up with a song today that rivals one of the finest.

The first song released by Patari is the ‘Song of Sibbi’, sung by Abid Brohi and produced by SomeWhatSuper.

Also, watch the short video Patari produced to introduce Abid to Pakistan.

From errand boy to rap superstar.Full Song: Abid can’t read or write, but he taught himself to rap on the streets of Sibbi. He performs here with chart topping SomeWhatSuper.‘The Sibbi Song’: the first track of Patari Tabeer – a stage for unsung Pakistani voices.Share this video, play the song on Patari. Every play becomes royalties for Abid. Woofer pharein, ghusalkhanay mein gayein, doston ko suna'ain.Music: Abid Brohi & SomeWhatSuperVideo Production: Stop Motion Digital with thanks to Myra IqbalSpecial thanks to Fawzia Naqvi for #PatariTabeer

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