Patari Is Helping Bring Street Stars To Limelight Through New Project

Pakistan has no shortage of talent when it comes to singing. Social media has time and time proven that there are plenty

Social media has time and time proven that there are plenty of people on the streets that have a natural talent for singing.

We have come across many different people from the street who can sing like superstars.

But none of them have ever made it to a television screen or have started a career in music.

Patari, a well-known music streaming startup from Pakistan is all set to launch a project which will give these street stars a second chance to show their talent.

But this time, they will be brought into a studio to produce a song with well-known music producers of Pakistan.

Patari has found 6 such street stars who went viral on social media through their raw singing talent. Now they are pairing them with producers for brand new musical projects.

Here are the pairs as announced by Patari:

  • Lyari based rapper with Dinoman
  • Domestic worker from rural Sindh with SomeWhatSuper
  • Rohri boy singing Chitta Chola with Abbas Ali Khan
  • Malala from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Danish Khwaja
  • A couple of folk musicians with Saif Samejo from The Sketches

The project is known as Tabeer and the first song will go live next week on