Pakistani’s Displayed Their Culture At London New Year’s Day Parade And People Loved It

The new year parade in London was joined by Pakistani’s to celebrate the coming of the new year.

The event was attended by hundreds and thousands of people and performers included people from different backgrounds and ethnicity.

But the show stoppers, without any doubt were the several Pakistani’s who joined the parade this year.

Pakistani’s won the loudest praise when they entered the parade and displayed their culture through Pakistani music, dancing horses, Qawaali, dhols and through the unofficial Pakistani anthem Dil Dil Pakistan.

The parade was led by Pakistani High Commissioner Syed Ibne Abbas and other officials from the high commission of Pakistan.

The segment contained Qawwali performances, Kalash dances, Pakistani regional dances, dhol music and many other cultural attributes of Pakistan.

The audience were also given souvenirs that represented the rich culture of Pakistan.

The parade took place on the eve of 31st. As soon as the parade finished, fireworks lit the sky alight to welcome the new year.

According to official authorities of London, about 20 different nations represented their culture at the parade. Pakistan was also celebrating the 70th anniversary of the nation.

The theme of the parade was to showcase the film and television culture of every nation taking part.