Pakistani Sets New Record For Breaking Most Coconuts With Head In A Minute

Rashid Naeem, a citizen of Karachi is now a proud owner of a new world record for cracking open most coconuts in a minute.

Naeem was able to bust 43 coconuts with his head in under 60 seconds.

Trained in professional martial arts, Naeem has a head that can easily bust open coconuts without suffering injuries.

Speaking to the press, Naeem said that breaking world records is a hobby of his.

But he warns that one should not try this at home because, in order to achieve this record, he had to go through proper training.

During his training, he revealed that he suffered many different injuries and pain in his head before he could reach his goal.

If you think breaking a coconut with your head is an easy game, think again. The process involves immense pain and can cause temporary faintness.

Last year, Naeem was able to smash open 210 walnuts with his head in under 60 seconds. He also holds the world record for breaking open the highest number of canned drinks in a minute.

Naeem has already attempted to break 5 Guinness world records using his head.

He aims to break 50 such records that can only be broken using his head.