Pakistani Hulk Khizar Hayat Aims To Compete In WWE

Pakistani hulk, Arbab Khizer Hayat has been making rounds on social media for his massive size.

The 25-year-old from Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa weighs 430 KG, standing at 6ft 3 inches tall and is dubbed the strongest man in the region.

He has already been deemed the biggest and heaviest Pakistani alive with a title ‘Hulk of Pakistan’.

In a recent interview to a local news channel, Khizer said that he aims to become a world champion one day. He is thankful to Allah for bestowing such body and strength to him.

His diet consists of 10,000 calories a day consisting of 4 chickens, over 36 eggs, 7 pounds of meat and five liters of Milk.

Many people have asked if his weight ever disturbs his day to day life. Hayat revealed that his weight does not impact his day to day life and is living a very healthy life.

He started weight training when he was in his teens. From there on he has been putting on weight and adding strength to his physique.

Now his ultimate goal is to become a champion and compete against international WWE superstars one day.

Although getting into WWE is not an easy task since only one Pakistani has been able to make it there so far.