Pakistani-Canadian Punk Rocker To Perform Live In Karachi

Pakistani-Candian punk rocker Urvah Khan has been defying all odds with her music and appearance.

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She bores a look that is often seen with disgust in Pakistan – short hair mohawk, tattoos, and piercings.

But she is able to carry her look with a different music style that is inspired by West and East.

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Urvah moved to Canada when she was very young. There she pursued her passion for music and started doing punk rock.

Since she moved to Canada at a very young age, she has not been in touch with her roots. But since 2013, Urvah has been trying to rediscover Pakistan.

She came in the country for the first time in 2015 to gather like-minded musicians to start a band in the country.

She has been able to secure 3 other musicians to help her debut her music in Pakistan. Urvah calls her new band Urvah Khan and the Scrap Army.

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It consists of four members including Urvah Khan, Zeeshan Ather, Syed Sarwaan Shah and Sehwal Hassan.

The band will be performing live for the first time in Pakistan at the Base Rock Cafe in Karachi on January 14.

Urvah sings in English but knows that if she has to make it big in Pakistan, she’ll have to sing in Urdu.

But she has no plans to change the way she performs. Although she has started taking classical music lessons.

She wants to send a message to the people of Pakistan that they can create anything they want and still make it big.