Mustafa Ali, The First Pakistani WWE Wrestler Is On A Winning Spree

The Chicago-based Pakistani professional wrestler Mustafa Ali became the first ever Pakistani to step into the WWE ring with international wrestlers.

Ever since he signed for the WWE he has been appearing in the ring to fight against opponents under the cruiserweight category.

Ali has successfully won the matches he took part in. Last week, he appeared in the ring on WWE’s 205 Live event which is a weekly show.

He was up against Israeli-Scottish based wrestler, Noam Dar. The 23-year-old wrestler gave tough time to Mustafa, but at the end, he left out victorious.

The wrestler also appeared in WWE 205 Live episode prior to last week and won his match to pile up a winning streak.

He is now quickly piling up victories and is being eyed by the company. If he continues to perform, he would end up fighting against WWE superstars who only appear on WWE Smackdown and WWE RAW.

But the best thing about Mustafa Ali’s career in WWE is that he isn’t playing a stereotypical role of being a bad Asian guy.

Ali’s persona is positive in WWE and he is often cheered for when he arrives in the ring.

His entrance theme has a Pakistani flag and a green background.

Ali recently spoke to the crowd thanking them for the support and love. He said that the people have proved him wrong. He used to think that people would judge him for his nationality, but things are completely opposite.

Watch the full match between the two below.