The Mighty Indian Police Has Once Again Been Fooled

It has become a norm for the mighty Indian police to get fooled by objects and animals from Pakistan.

In the latest incident, Indian police seized a balloon that carried a ‘fake’ RS 5000 Pakistani note.

The Sirsa district police on Sunday found a balloon that carried a fake RS 5000 note. They immediately seized the note and sent it to a laboratory for checking.

According to the police, they suspected that the balloon carried some sort of deadly chemical.

If that isn’t crazy enough, the police also failed to determine the genuineness of the note.

The RS 5000 note, picture below, can be seen written with a clear note saying ‘Jaali Note’ and ‘Salaam Pakistan’.

The police didn’t bother to check the note. They judged the note genuineness by the image of ‘Quaid-e-Azam’ on it.

The note was seized by a numberdar under Barguda police station. According to the police station’s SHO, Yadvinder Singh, they also found a deadly life threatening chemical attached to the balloon which has been sent to the forensic team.

For the Indian police, here’s how the actual note looks like. Take note man!

This isn’t the first time Indian police has felt threatened by Pakistan over an object. Earlier they found pigeons and dogs which they claimed to be assisting the ISI.