Mehwish Hayat Shows Her Action Skills In New Advertisement

Mehwish Hayat recently teased a video clip that looked like a scene from an upcoming action packed movie.

Everyone was led to believe that the teaser was for a new superhero movie featuring Mehwish.

But it turns out, the teaser was just a clip from a new TV Commercial for UC Browser.

One of the main reasons everyone thought it was a new movie because the man behind the camera was none other than Nabeel Qureshi.

Nabeel Qureshi is known to produce big hits in the world of cinema.

But through the ad, at least he has shown us that he has got everything under his belt to come up with a pretty cool action movie.

Have a look at the full commercial below and see how cool Mehwish looks while performing some really hardcore moves.

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The commercial is definitely a visual treat for action fans and a hope that one day we will see something like this from our film industry.

For now, you can look out for Project Ghazi, which is shaping up to be one of the best action movies of Pakistan featuring superheroes.