India Bans Junaid Jamshed Tribute Video By Salman Ahmed On YouTube

Junaid Jamshed lost his life in a plane crash last year. His untimely death left the entire country and his fan following from across the world in a shock.

To celebrate his life and achievements, Salman Ahmed, a former member of the band Junoon created a video tribute.

Salman released the video tribute on the official channel of Junoon the band on YouTube.

The video shows different life events of Junaid Jamshed. It showcases his appearances on television, projects he was part of and the bond he shared with fellow musicians like Salman Ahmed.

Junaid Jamshed also had a huge fan following in India who still enjoy his band’s ‘Vital Signs’ and his solo works to date.

But apparently, the video tribute cannot be viewed in India because it has been blocked for viewership in the country.

As expected, Junaid’s fans in India aren’t very happy about the video being blocked for viewership.

Many of his fans from India went on Twitter to protest against the ban on the video.

For now, the Indian fan following of Junaid Jamshed will have to rely on proxy bypasses to watch the video tribute released by Salman Ahmed.