Imran Abbas Tries His Luck At Singing

Imran Abbas needs no introduction. The Pakistani actor has been in the television industry for the past decade.

He has been part of some of the biggest hits Pakistan has created. And without any doubt, his flawless acting was the reason many times these projects were a hit.

He surprised his fans with his debut song on new year’s eve. But as expected, while some people loved the surprise, others were not happy.

Imran was accused of using heavy autotune in the background to improve his vocals. While some criticized that he chose the wrong song to sing.

The song which he released is actually a cover of the immensely popular and loved classic song ‘Shikwa Na Ker Gila Na Ker by the legend Mehdi Hassan.

Some believe that choosing a different song could have been in favor of someone who has never sung in his life.

While some very strict fans of Mehdi Hassan were very unhappy that a someone without any prior knowledge of music tried to pay tribute to a legend through autotune.

You can listen to the song below and decide for yourself whether Imran should continue singing or should focus on his acting instead, something he is actually really good at.

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Previously, Urwa Hocane also tried her luck at singing and she was met with a lot of criticism.