This Image Shows You How To Perfectly Park Your Car In Tight Spaces

Parking your car in a manner that disturbs everyone else is quite a common sight in Pakistan.

Due to insufficient parking space in our markets, people often tend to park their car that causes other people’s cars to get stuck.

For example, recently in Islamabad, a wrong car was parked which caused quite stir amongst the public.

The car was parked behind at least 4 – 5 vehicles in a street for an hour or more. This caused a lot of trouble for people who’s cars were stuck in the front.

The event caused angry bystanders to write messages with a temporary marker on the car that was wrongly parked.

Reportedly, people even tried to call the traffic police on the spot without any luck.

But when the police didn’t arrive for an hour and more, people decided to take the law in their own hand.

This doesn’t only happen in Islamabad. All over Pakistan, this is a very known issue that people tend to park their cars behind others and leave them unattended causing problems and wasting times of others.

It seems we need to learn how to park more than learning how to drive.

Following image shows you a great way to park your car in tight spaces. If you know someone who occasionally parks wrong, show it to them!