Every Pakistani Needs To Own This New Relatable Picture Book

Ruqayya Diwan Adamjee, a graduate in Economics from Duke University and a self-taught illustrator has just released her first picture book titled ‘Choti Choti Khushiyan’.

Consisting of 90 pages and priced at just RS 500, the book offers a look at the small moments of joy that are easily relatable to Pakistani people.

Each page is a hand drawn illustration depicting small events of joy such as ‘gari mein fit ana’ (squeezing inside the car) and ‘Cinema hall mein quami tarana’ (National Anthem in the cinema before a movie) just to name a few.

These illustrations are so relatable with every Pakistani that it is hard not to smile every time you flick a page of the book.

The choti Choti khushiyan picture book is being released through ‘Markings KHUDI’ a new motivational, inspirational and developmental publishing platform by Kiran Aman.

Kiran Aman is one of Pakistan’s leading entrepreneurs and two-time Gourmand Award winner independent publisher.

The platforms first publication is the picture book by Ruqayya Diwan Adamjee.

Markings KHUDI aims to become a medium that will shed light on the positivity and warmth that covers our country.

The book is available to buy online on Kitabain.com.