Could eBay Be Finally Coming To Pakistan?

During a live video conference on Facebook, eBay’s Chief Executive, Davin Wenig was taking questions from the audience.

When someone asked about e-commerce in Pakistan, Wenig replied by saying Pakistan was among the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world today.

Pakistan has indeed shown a significant rise in e-commerce trends with nearly every new online store commencing business every month.

Pakistan now enjoys a huge list of superstores online where people can buy anything they want by paying cash on delivery or through debit/credit cards.

Wenig believes that wherever wealth is growing fast, e-commerce is taking over the internet. The same can be said about Pakistan where wealth is growing fast and more and more consumer goods are now becoming readily available.

Pakistan may have shown significant growth in the e-commerce market, but it still lacks international e-commerce stores like Amazon, Newegg, and likes of eBay which are readily available in the neighboring countries of Pakistan.

The growth of online stores in Pakistan is proof enough that the country is ready to welcome international stores. But the lack of solid payment options like PayPal and other laws concerning online marketing are still in premature stages in Pakistan.

But since the CEO of eBay thinks Pakistan is amongst the fastest growing countries when it comes to e-commerce, we could soon see the online store giant coming to Pakistan.