Digital Salami Is A Thing In Pakistan Now

Finja, a recent startup in Pakistan is changing the way people receive and send money.

They recently launched a pilot product which is essentially a mobile wallet, allowing people to pay and receive money through mobile.

The mobile wallet has been deployed by Finja with cooperation from Finca Microfinance bank.

To use the mobile wallet, all you need to do is install the app and connect it with your bank account. Then you can pay to anyone else on the app via scanning a QR code generated especially for you.

There is no cost of switching, all you need to do is start using the application and get others to install if you want them to pay digitally.

Here’s a short demo on how the product works

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Finja is working to bring more and more people on the application to make it available widely. This means, soon you will be able to pay for your favorite meal by just scanning a QR code.

The company also introduced a unique way for people to pay Salami to anyone who’s getting married.

They place a card next to the couple with a QR code and anyone can come up and scan the code and send off the salami directly to their account.

It eliminates the need of envelopes and cash.

Download the application on Android

Download Application on iPhone