Has The Chai Wala Really Quit Showbiz?

The overnight internet sensation has been on fire ever since a random click of his went viral all over the world.

Through his good looks, chai wala Arshad Khan was able to secure many different projects ranging from modeling, acting and public appearances.

But they say that overnight fame for some people is a bit too much to take. The same can be said about Chai Wala and his family who do not approve of earning a living through showbiz.

Everything was going fine for Arshad until his photo shoot and music video with singer Muskan went viral on the social media.

The chai wala was seen posing with a woman in intimate poses that sparked hatred and disgust amongst his fans.

A lot of people criticized him for doing a photo shoot and a music video that was ‘inappropriate in nature’.

Yesterday, during an interview, Arshad Khan apologized to his fans and promised he would not do such a project in the future.

But the constant pressure he received from the public and his family made him rethink about making a living in the showbiz.

Alas, today the manager of Arshad Khan has announced that he has quit showbiz and will be returning to the Islamabad dhaba where he used to sell chai.

But Arshad is still open to a career in journalism. He is only refraining from taking projects related to entertainment.

Do you think chai wala will really quit showbiz after getting so much fame and welcome in the industry?

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