This British Pakistani Lawyer Turned Wrestler’s Story Will Give You Hope

Malik Hashim Waseem, a British Pakistani and a lawyer by profession turned his back to the legal business to become a full-time professional wrestler.

Waseem trained to become a professional lawyer from a university in London, but his always passion lied somewhere else.

Now he is training every day to become a world-class wrestler to make England and Pakistan both proud.

According to Waseem, he graduated in Law because it was what his parents wanted him for. But his passion has always been wrestling. Now that he has shifted to professional wrestling, his family is completely in support of him.

Nowadays Waseem is training at a gym in London for an upcoming wrestling competition in Japan.

He told the media that while training, a Japanese company found him and has offered to take him to Japan where he will be trained under professional coaches.

He would also be offered the chance to compete against other world-class wrestlers in Japan.

Waseem’s dream is to make Pakistan proud. He may have been born and raised in the UK, but he is very proud of his heritage of Pakistan. He also wants to inspire people to pursue their passions even after they have already started their professional careers.

If you are passionate about something but you chose a different career, don’t sit down and regret. Turn your passion into your career no matter who, where or what you are today.