Atif Aslam Did Something Great And The Whole World Reacted

In one of his recent concerts, Atif Aslam stopped mid-song to rescue a girl being harassed in the crowd.

Someone recorded the video of the event and since then that video has been shared over the internet thousands of time.

Atif Aslam allegedly called out to the harassers in the crowd and asked them if they had ever seen a girl in their life. He also added that she could have been your sister, mother or wife.

According to the sources, the venue was overcrowded, and several girls were present at the concert. A lot of them were being harassed mid-concert.

When things got out of hand, Atif Aslam stopped during a song and called the security to escort the girl to the stage. The video shows that the guards were pulling the girl up the stage after Atif took notice.

Following the events, Atif was cheered by the crowd, and they started chanting his name. But that didn’t stop there.

For his act, Atif received international applaud from around the world for standing up for women who are often harassed in concerts like these.

Many international media houses covered the story applauding the star for his immediate efforts.

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