Arshad Khan Comes Out Of His Short Hiatus To Reveal He Didn’t Quit Showbiz

Last week, news about chai wala Arshad Khan quitting showbiz once and for all made rounds around social media.

According to the news, Arshad’s family strongly disapproved of him working in the showbiz and his manager had confirmed his departure.

The real cause of Arshad Khan quitting was a controversial music video he did with singer Muskan Jay which showed the two in questionable poses.

Later on these images went viral on the internet and many of the fans started an uproar criticizing chai wala for working in an indecent video.

Arshad later on publicly apologized on TV channel and promised he would take on no such project in the future.

However, a new interview with the Chai wala in Dawn newspaper has revealed that he has not quit the showbiz.

In his interview, he said that the news of him quitting showbiz was false. He said he is still working and will complete his pending projects on time.

Chai wala is all set to appear in the Pakistani film Kabeer in a supporting role. Apart from that, he has not revealed what else he is currently working on.