Arshad Khan Chai Wala Publicly Apologizes For His Photo-shoot On TV Channel

Arshad Khan, the most famous and ‘hottest’ chai wala came under criticism from his fans and media recently for shooting images that were deemed inappropriate.

Last week, a couple of pictures of Arshad with singer Muskan Jay went viral and were met with mixed reactions.

A lot of people were surprised for seeing intimate pictures of chai wala with the singer especially since chai wala had said that he will only take projects that are ‘honorable’.

Chai wala was recently interviewed by a news channel on New Years Eve. The reporter asked him about his year and then finally asked him to send out a message to his admirers and fans.

At this point, Arshad publicly apologized for the images that scored hundreds of negative comments.

He said that he will never do any such photoshoots or music videos in the future and that his fans should rest assured.

During the interview, he also said that he will not be signing any more films in 2017 because his family back home is not very happy about the idea of him appearing in films.

You can watch the complete interview below where chai wala publicly apologized for the photo shoot with Muskan.

Move to 02:39 for the apology