Amir Liaquat Receives The Ban Hammer From PEMRA

Pakistan’s electronic and print media authority, PEMRA has just used its ban hammer against Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain.

He was specifically banned from hosting his Talk show on BOL news on Thursday.

In an official statement, PEMRA said that Amir Liaquat and his program ‘Aisay nai chalayga’ has been banned with immediate effect because it was found guilty of spreading hate.

PEMRA furthermore added that Amir Liaquat will no longer be able to host any other program or appear on any other TV channel in any manner at all.

In simple words, he cannot appear as a reporter, in an advertisement, promo, a guest, analyst, actor or in a video or audio clip on BOL News.

PEMRA has taken the decision to ban Amir Liaquat after carefully monitoring his activities on the channel for weeks.

PEMRA found out that he was spreading hate throughout his show ‘Aisay Nai Chalay Ga’ which started airing on January 2, 2017, till January 24, 2017.

PEMRA has also said that if there is any such non-compliance of the issue they have released, they could suspend the license of Bol News with immediate effect.