Alicia Silverstone Accidently Promotes Pakistani Hair Dye Product

Alicia Silverstone unknowingly posted a photo of Pakistani hair dye product on her Instagram account.

The hair dye product, ‘Afshan Brown Mehndi’ was sent to her by a fan. The product uses an unauthorized photo of Alicia.

When the award-winning actress saw her picture on the product, she instantly uploaded it to her Instagram asking her fans about the language.

Apparently, she found it quite funny to have seen her appearing on a foreign product with a foreign language.

But ever since she uploaded the photo, the product has been recognized more than it would have ever been.

Her fans, on the other hand, kept guessing what language was written on the packaging while people from India and Pakistan went in full scare war saying it was Roman Hindi vs Roman Urdu.

But from the packaging, it is clear that it is a Pakistani product with Urdu clearly written at the top of the product box.

Alicia Silverstone made her debut in the movie ‘The Crush’. She won two awards for her performance in it.

Her fame shot to heights when she appeared in a music video of Aerosmith’s iconic song Cryin and Crazy.

She also played Batgirl in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin.