Ali Azmat To Collaborate With Natasha Baig For A New Song

Ali Azmat has not been recently very active in the music industry. He may have produced a few songs for different Pakistani films, but he has yet to come up with a standalone song.

But this is about to change. A post on Instagram recently confirmed that Ali Azmat is working on a new song. But this time he is collaborating with Natasha Baig.

Speaking to HIP, Natasha Baig said that the two are working on a new song. She could only share the news as it is still too early to talk about the song. Both of the stars want to surprise their fans with this collaboration.

Oh wait! What am I doing with Ali Azmat? O.o #topsecret #starstruck #amIdreaming? ?

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Natasha actually went to Ali Azmat to offer a collaboration. At first, she was scared that he would be very critical of her idea, but to her surprise, Ali Azmat agreed and encouraged her.

We speculate that the new song will have a touch of rock and roll in it because of Ali Azmat. But if it involves Ali Azmat, we can bet that the song is going to be pretty sweet to listen.

As soon as more details are revealed, we’ll update this post. Keep checking back.