55 Year Old French Woman Travelled To Pakistan To Marry A Man

A 55-year-old french woman fell in love with a Pakistani on Facebook and converted to Islam.

Kahterine Louvet befriended 29-year-old Umair Ahmad from Khanpur on Facebook.

Umair revealed that he was the first one to send a friend request to Louvet. From there on, both of them regularly talked for four years.

After falling in love with each other, both decided to marry. But Umair couldn’t go to France so he requested Louvet to come to Pakistan Instead.

Louvet not only came to Pakistan, she also converted to Islam in order to marry the 29-year-old.

She was given the Islamic name Ayesha. Now she is expecting a lot of children from her new husband.

Ayesha also wants her husband to move back to France with her. For this, they will seek out permission from the French Embassy here in Pakistan.

This will be the second marriage of Umair. He is already married to a woman here in Pakitan with a child. He has not expressed what he intends to do with his first wife and child.

Both are now busy trying to seek permission from the French Embassy to move to France.