Watch: Thora Jee Le’s Trailer Released

During the press conference of the upcoming movie, Thora Jee Le at Marriot Hotel Karachi, a trailer was released.

The conference was held to introduce the cast and the people responsible for the project.

Thora Jee Le features a very vibrant cast. But the most notable thing about the cast is that they’re all debutants, except one.

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The trailer released on Saturday features almost a 2-minute long footage of the upcoming movie. Enough to give us a detailed look at the plot.

The trailer starts by introducing the cast to the audience with their respectable labels.

The Bubly girl
The Kaam Wali
The Chakka Lover
The Party Boy
The Perfect boy
The Rotu Boy

Then the trailer shifts to the youth celebrating their college years. From there on things start to get serious.

Their lives change when they all enter their professional lives. A whole lot of dramatic scenes are played here showing that some of them are struggling to get on with their life.

Thora Jee Le features new girls and boys which are a welcoming change.

Debutants like Fatima Shah Jillani, Billal Abbas, Kasim Khan, Ramsha Khan, Ahsan Moin and Salman Faisal are all set to amaze you.

They will be brought to life with the help of Rizwan Ali Jaffri who is a seasoned actor and winner of Lux Style Award.

The film is being produced by Mahtab Akbar Rashdi and is being directed by Rafay Rashdi.

Rafay chose fresh faces for the movie because he believes new stars are only born when they are given a platform to show their talent.

He is very confident that the cast he chose will go long in the film industry of Pakistan.

The movie is set to release on January 20th, 2017.