Watch Moin Khan Dressed Up As Santa Claus On A Motorcycle Spreading Happiness

Renowned motorcyclist Moin Khan, the founder of ADifferentAgenda came up with a unique way to celebrate this year’s Christmas in Pakistan.

He dressed up as Santa Claus and rode the streets of Lahore, spreading happiness amongst Pakistani Christians one at a time.

On the day of Christmas, Moin dressed up in the traditional Santa Claus attire and rode a bike around Lahore.

He recorded a video which shows him riding a bike as Santa Claus and performing stunts on the streets, entertaining the people and children alike.

He also distributed various gifts among the children to put up a smile on their face.

He also gave the video a hilarious touch by acting clumsy and falling off his bike on different occasions.

A desi version of the famous jingle ‘Jingle Bells’ can also be heard in the background.

He can also be seen dancing with the children of Lahore.

You can watch the video below.

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Moin Khan was born and raised in Lahore. He went to study in San Francisco in 2005.

As a child, he was always confused and never knew what he really wanted to do.

As a result, he changed his majors in the U.S about 6 to 7 times before he realized his passion for motorcycles.

He then did a documentary titled ‘Rediscovering Pakistan – The Untold Story’.

The documentary tells the tale of nine foreigners who came to the country.

Moin Khan helps foreigners visit the northern areas on his motorcycle. He often shoots videos showing the beautiful side of Pakistan.

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