Watch: Bilal Khan Showcases His New Song ‘Tooti Barf’

Bilal Khan, best known for his song Bachana (Save me in English) has just revealed his next song ‘Tooti Barf’.

Khan gained his fame through the song mentioned above while he was studying in LUMS. Then from there on, he also performed in Coke Studio and various other events.

He went viral when he translated his song Bachana into English. The song was loved worldwide and went viral on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The new song ‘Tooti Barf’ has the signature melody that Bilal Khan is known for.

The new song was revealed during the Levi’s Live, an event where artists can come and showcase their skills in singing.

The event took place in Riots Studio Lahore where Bilal Khan was invited to please the audience.

He ended the show with the new song ‘Tooti Barf’.

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According to Bilal Khan, the song is still in its raw form. He hasn’t expressed his desire to release a studio version of the song.

Hello fans! It’s been a long time since I posted and it’s not because I am lazy but I have been working on music. I recently performed at Levi’s Live with a loop pedal and it was a lot of fun. During the set I tried a new song I’ve written called “Tooti Baraf”. This song is about having faith in destiny and longing for something you’ve lost. Here is a raw, live version of the song being performed for the first time.