Unusual Things Pakistanis Trying To Sell Through Facebook

Facebook has proven to be a tried and tested method to sell away anything you want.

From big businesses to small, everyone is leveraging Facebook to sell their products and services.

And a lot of them have seen massive success.

But since the platform is open for all, there will always remain a chance where someone will try to sell something unusual.

We have collected a few unusual items and services on sale through Facebook.

For example:

This guy trying to sell his muscles. Though we don’t know how. But he’s giving a lifetime guarantee.

This guy wants to sell away his cow which produces 14 liters of milk.

This guy isn’t selling his pickup, he wants sale away his service of moving anything from mattresses to cabinets.

This guy wants you to go out and kill someone with these fancy knives in style.

And ofcourse if you’re suffering from headaches or any other kind of pain, a 8/10 condition Panadol is up for sale

And looking at the rising trend of cows being sold on Facebook, this angry guy posted a picture of his cow telling people its not for sale.

Speaking of cows, this guy is taking his goat milk business to a whole new level by bringing it to the social media.

And of course if you’re interested in a Chinese Pathan, this guy is selling his friend over a packet of naswar.

Speaking of Naswar, this guy is selling a whole bunch of naswar for the addicts in you.