The Story Of A Tree That Has Been Under Arrest For Past 100 Plus Years In Peshawer

Did you know there is a banyan tree in Peshawar that is arrested and draped in chains for the past 100 plus years?

The years old tree wears a plaque with ‘ I Am Under Arrest’ written on it.

Below the text is a small story written that explains why the tree is wearing its chains.

One evening a British officer, heavily drunk, thought that I was moving from my original location and ordered Mess Sergeant to arrest me. Since then I am under arrest’

In 1898, British army officer James Squid was so drunk that he thought the banyan tree was coming after him.

The officer felt threatened and called in his mess sergeant to arrest the tree.

Following his orders, the mess sergeant chained the tree which was thought to be an offender by the officer.

Ever since the tree still stands in the same spot with chains draped over it and a board explaining the story.

It has now become a tourist location for many Pakistanis who often visit to see the tree and learn about its bizarre story.

A local resident of old age revealed that the tree is an example set to warn people that if they dared to act against the Raj of that time, they would be punished in the same manner.

Other locals say that it is a symbol of the Draconian British Raj Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) Laws. The law came into being to specifically fight back Pashtun opposition of the British Rule in that time.

The tree is situated in Landi Kotal inside the Khyber Rifles Mess, FATA.