The Story Of This Child And A Street Dog Will Touch Your Heart

A picture of a homeless child and a street dog wearing a shirt in Karachi has gone viral in Pakistan on social media.

The picture itself speaks a thousand words, but its the story that really touched the heart of the public.

Muhammad Belaal Imran, a street photographer from Karachi was the one to find the two and posted their story on his Facebook account.

The picture of a young boy standing against a dog wearing a shirt has a story which can be best explained in Imran’s own words.

I saw this dog last night at Bahadurabaad wearing a full sleeves shirt and while i was trying to capture him this boy came calling Jaggu Jaggu and the dog went crazy after him. He started playing with him which was unbelievable as i never saw a stray dog playing like he was with this kid who feeds him everyday and he is the one who gave Jaggu his shirt to wear because its cold.

The picture instantly went viral because of the love and connection the two shared. Despite being a homeless child selling balloons on the street, he still went out of his way to help a stray dog out by giving him something warm to wear and feeding him every day.

After the photo went viral, Imran figured out that a lot of people wished to help the boy and the dog.

So he went on and created a Go Fund Me page for the two and so far have raised $588 out of it’s $2,000 goal.

According to Imran and his friends, the funds raised through the fundraiser will be used to give the dog and the boy proper clothing, shelter, food and medical care for both.

If the funds exceed the goal, they will be used to set up a bank account for the child so he can be sent to school for proper education. Plus the dog will be sent to a vet for a thorough look.

If you would like to help the two, head over to the fund raiser and contribute.