Popular Torrents Site Is Back Online

Only a few months have passed since Kickasstorrents, one of world’s largest torrent sharing website was taken down.

The feds had the owner arrested and the website was immediately brought down.

But the community did not wait and regrouped to bring back the site backup. Although it wasn’t a completely functional site, it still delivered torrents to the masses.

Now after months, a completely new kickasstorrents website has been launched. It is operated by the people who were behind the original site.

With the relaunched site, many of the VIP torrent sharing members are also back online to help rebuild the database of the site.

With crucial members of the staff and uploaders back, Kickasstorrent will once again have fresh content as soon as it is available.

But given the fact that U.S authorities are still working on a case against the owner and the original team behind the site, how long do you think the new site will last?

But then again, the authorities have failed to keep the community from bringing site backup live which can only mean that this battle will continue to go on for a very long time from now.

For now, you can access the new website on the following address. The site may not appear to open the first few times you use it.

We still encourage you to buy and support content producers if you like the content you use from the site because Piracy can pose a serious threat.