Pakistani Man Completed 1,050 KM Peace Walk In UAE

Mohammad Idrees Malik, a Pakistani working as a carpenter in the UAE has completed a peace walk of 1,050 KMs. He covered the seven Emirates to reach Abu Dhabi, his final destination.

Malik started his peace walk on the 2nd December and reached his destination on the 15th of December.

At the end of his destination, which was the Pakistani Embassy in Abu Dhabi, he was greeted by Moazzam Ahmad Khan, the Ambassador of Pakistan in UAE.

Only minutes after reaching his destination, Malik announced his next goal. A peace walk from Dubai to London.

For this, he will have to take a flight from Paris once to reach London. The walk from Dubai to London is approximately 8,000 KMs. He plans to complete this walk in 8 months time.

During the long 14 day walk, Malik carried an essentials bag, a Pakistani and UAE flag and used to stop only to eat or rest along the roadside.

He met many kinds of people on his journey and had the opportunity to spread the message of peace to them.

He also carried a police escort with him throughout the journey.

After reaching the destination, Malik had blisters and swollen legs. He had to tear the front of his boots in order to keep his feet from further damage.

Malik started his journey from Hatta to Kalba, then went to Fujairah, Dibba, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Al Ain and then finally to Abu Dhabi.

The people he met on his journey loved him and appreciated his efforts for spreading the message of peace.

Idrees Malik is 51 years old and has four children. He has been living and working in the UAE for past 9 years.

He decided to walk and spread the message of peace because he wanted the same peaceful environment in Pakistan.

Malik has never seen anyone fighting in the UAE. Back in Pakistan, he said he used to see fights all the time over petty issues.

He wants the same kind of love and peace in UAE for Pakistan. From his peace walks, he hopes to achieve this mission.