Pakistan To Produce Its Own Harry Potter Like Film?

Be it TV or Film, Pakistani children have very few heroes to look up to.

There are plenty of superheroes but they all hail from the western part of the world. This forces our children to idolize heroes from the west.

From the likes of Batman to Super Man to Spider-Man, there is no existence of a desi hero with which adults and children can relate to.

One man is heading out to change that.

Rashid Sami, who has worked in the Pakistani Showbiz for the last 30 years, is ready to come up with a film that will pique interest in children and give them a local figure to look up to.

He plans on creating Hatim Tai, the live action animated movie for this purpose.

Hatim Tai aur Chalak Churail is a story based on the famous Arab character. To give life to the character and story, Rashid is taking help from animators abroad.

He wishes to create a film that will have a very ‘Harry Potter’ like vibe.

He will take the audience to a magical land which is far away from the real world. For this, he has been shooting the film in Gilgit-Baltistan, which is already as magical as any other fantasy location.

Rashid will also be part of the cast of the film. He has also written and will be directing it.

The soundtrack of the movie will be produced by Aqeel Ahmed Khan.

It is scheduled to be released in July 2017, but it is too early to share any more details on the cast and plot of the movie.