Meaningful New Years Resolutions That May Actually Help You Become Better

We’re all heading into the New Year with brand new intentions and goals.

Some of you will be working harder to find a better job, while some of you will be hitting the gym to reach your fitness goals.

But resolutions like these are mostly unrealistic and hard to pull off.

Instead of the typical ”I’ll find the girl of my dreams” or ‘I’ll become richer this year’ try these instead.

1. Exercise at least 2 – 3 days instead of working out every day

It’s never really a good idea to go all out with your fitness goals. Starting out at your 100% will only make you lose motivation as quickly as you got it.

Instead of promising yourself of working out daily to reach your fitness goals, try exercising only 2-3 times a week in the start. From there on take it to the next level gradually.

2. Expand your network

Instead of trying endlessly to land your dream job, try to start by expanding your professional network.

The more people you know professionally, the more your skills will automatically advertise themselves.

Reaching new heights in your career or landing the perfect job comes easily as you get to know more people.

You’ll surely find someone who can vouch for you for the position you’ve been looking for.

3. Making a habit to apologize others

For those of you who are suffering from relationship problems, instead of promising yourself that you’ll be a better spouse, try to make an afford to apologize in your relationship.

Apologizing for hurting someone through dialogue or action can bring back love in your life.

Try to control your anger whenever there is an argument between the two of you.

4. Set up a solid budget for everything

Saying that ‘I’ll try to save money’ isn’t going to help you save money. You will have to make an effort by creating a budget that you can stick to.

Download expense management apps on your phone which will also help you record your spendings.

At the start of every month, sit down and analyze where you spend the money and where you could have saved. Then make a budget accordingly and avoid spending wrongly.

5. Make an appointment with your doctor

And finally, taking control of your health next year should be your number one resolution.

But instead of making a general promise to yourself about staying healthy, make an effort and get an appointment with your doctor.

Get all the necessary checks and start listening to what your doctors advice.