Love Can Fix Everything – Story Of A Pakistani – Indian Couple Will Leave You In Tears

They Went Through A Lot Before They Were Able To Convince Their Parents

Huda and Maneet, a Pakistani-Indian couple recently tied the knot in Dubai.

But the love story the two shared isn’t your typical love story.

Muneet is an Indian and Huda is a Pakistani Muslim. And that is where the biggest problem existed.

Muneet and Huda belonged to conservative families back home. Families who were extremely strict about their cultural and religious beliefs.

And it wasn’t easy for the couple to convince them for a marriage outside of the family, that too with different religions.

The two dated for at least 4 years before they decided it was finally time to tell their parents about the relationship and that they wanted to marry each other.

But as expected, both parents acted in sheer anger and were completely against the marriage.

The parents of Muneet at one point told him to either choose the family or the girl. If he would choose the girl, he would be banished from the family forever.

The disapprovals from the parents was so strong that the couples at one point decided to give up on the idea of getting married.

But their love for each other was so strong that nothing could pull them apart.

They weren’t willing to let go of each other and fought with great resolve and were finally able to convince their parents.

Their story has been documented in a small video below:


From left to right Muneet’s Parents, Muneet, Huda, Huda’s Parents
Huda being accepted by parents of Muneet
Huda with her father



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