Does Khan Baba, The ‘Pakistani Hulk’ Stand A Chance Against World’s Heaviest Individuals?

Khan Baba, a Pakistani who weighs 360 KGs and stands tall at over 6 feet, made waves recently on Pakistani news and social media.

He claimed to be the most powerful man in Pakistan and quite possibly the heaviest person alive in the country.

Khan is able to lift an average person with a single hand and can bend coins with his fingers.

Some people believe him to be the heaviest person in the world. We take a look at other individuals who weigh over 300 KGs.

1. Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari (610KG)

Khalid holds the record of being the heaviest person living. Living in Saudi Arabia, he was unable to move without help.

A massive custom wheelchair was built to help him move around. He still uses a mechanized pulley to sit on a chair.

2. Kenneth Brumley (469KG)

Kenneth Brumley was featured in a documentary. Being 469KG in weight, he is unable to get off from his bed. He has stayed in his bed for the past 4 years.

Once firemen had to bring down a wall to rescue him.

3. Mayra Rosales (469KG)

Mayra Rosales weighs approximately 469 KG. She was accused of murdering her nephew once. But the court ruled in her favor by announcing she was too heavy to even lift her hand then alone kill someone.

4. Paul Mason (444KG)

Paul Mason From England weighed 444 KGs before he underwent a surgery. He is now at a weight of 152 KGs.

5. Michael Hebranko (412KG)

Michael Hebranko was one considered the heaviest person alive in the world. But through dieting and exercise, he was able to go down to 90KG.

However, he wasn’t consistent with his new lifestyle and went back to being obese.