This Jewish Director Is Showing Muslim’s Positive Image Through Short Films In America

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A recent research conducted by the Pew Research Center found out that nearly half of Americans know a Muslim in their surroundings.

But the majority of them know very little or nothing about the religion Muslims follow.

Yet, most Americans view the 3.3 Muslims living in America with a negative attitude when compared to other religions.

This all started after the events of 9/11. The media giants painted Islam in negativity and crimes against Muslims rose in America by 67%.

Even today things aren’t exactly favorable when it comes to living in America as a Muslim.

These trends disturbed filmmaker Joshua Seftel.

Seftel wanted to fight back the ignorance of the people in the U.S by presenting Muslims in a good light through short films.

He wanted to re-introduce Muslims to people who have forgotten that Muslims have been living amongst them for a very long time.

But his efforts went in vain when he couldn’t find the funds required for his project because distributors and funders were reluctant in backing a project that involved Muslims in good light.

However, after Donald Trump began his presidential campaign against Muslims and immigrants, people began to support Seftels project, the ‘Secret Life of Muslims’.

Seftel finally got funding from Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, the New York Community Trust, The Ford Foundation, and Pillar Funds.

His project launched through the USA Today’s and Vox’s distribution channels in November 2016.

The first 6 of 15 short videos are now available on YouTube to watch.

His first episode, for example, shows Ahmed Ahmed, a standup comedian in U.S.

The video runs us through his life experience. It shows us how he became a comedian from an actor who was usually put in feet of questionable characters in movies.

It also tells us how, even today, people treat him with negativity because of his religion.

Another video of a woman shows how she learned to fight back bullies.

You can watch all of his videos on official YouTube channel of Vox.

Joshua Seftel began his career at age 22. He has been making documentaries, television productions, and scripted work.

He is best known for his work on the documentary ‘Talking on the Kennedys’.