Huawei Is Gearing Up To Release Its Newest ‘X’ Series Phone In 2017

The global technology giant is all set to unveil its latest phone in the ‘X’ series, bringing a powerful camera in the hands of Pakistanis.

The new Honor 6X will have new and exciting features alongside a very high-end camera which will ‘double the experience’ of the user.

The Honor X series has always been quite successful in Pakistan for its versatility and affordability.

It has always brought together a powerful set of features at very competitive prices. Huawei aims to upgrade Honor 6 based on previous models but will keep the price range competitive.

The new Honor 6x and confirmed specifications with prices will be revealed during CES17 in New York, January 2017. It will be made available in Pakistan shortly after it is revealed.

Huawei is promising speed, short charging time, long lasting battery and excellent camera with its new phone.

If you have used an Honor series phone previously, you are already aware of the powerful camera the series has always been known for. With the Honor 6X more features will be added to the camera alongside a better lens and increased megapixels.

The phone will also carry a sleek metallic body to rival other flagship phones in the telecommunications industry of Pakistan.