Here’s Everything Ali Zafar Has Planned For 2017

Performer, actor, singer-songwriter and man of many talents, Ali Zafar has had a very good 2016.

Apart from appearing opposite Alia Bhatt in this year’s Dear Zindigi, Bollywood film, Ali did a lot of other things like playing in concerts and appearing at award ceremonies.

One of his career highlights in 2016 were the songs he produced for PSL and PSL Team Islamabad United.

Speaking of Pakistan Super League and Ali Zafar, for 2017, the singer-songwriter is readying a brand new track for the season 2 of the tournament.

Titled ‘ Ab Khel Jamay Ga’, the song is being prepared in the same spirit the original song ‘Ab Khel Jamay Ga’ for the starter edition of the PSL.

Watch the teaser of the song below

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Ali Zafar will be starting off the year by recording and performing the new song at the opening ceremony of PSL alongside international and national celebrities.

Full song for the first season

Pakistan Super League Full Schedule

He plans to also continue working on his fourth music album.

Apart from his singing career, Ali Zafar has also announced that he will finally be making an appearance in a Pakistani movie.

The film is being directed by Ahsan Rahim. The project is still in its very early stages.