Got A Bike And License To Ride? Now You Can Earn Up to Rs 1,500 By Riding And Delivering Packages In Pakistan

UPDATE: Now Careem is also offering Bike-Taxi services

Bykea is a brand new service that allows you to pick and deliver packages if you own a motorcycle and earn money while you do it.

It is Pakistan’s first app-based service that helps you transport your parcels effectively and efficiently by saving time and money.

The core concept of the service is to provide ‘taxi’ services on a bike. Just like Uber or Careem, you simply install an application and choose the kind of service you need.

If you want taxi services, you can book a nearby bike and it will come and pick you up. Similarly, if you want a package delivered or picked, you can use the service via the app.

Bykea provides very safe, secure and hygienic rides for the passengers. The passengers are provided with a helmet for their safety. The passengers also have the ability to rate their ride and driver when the ride has finished.

Because bike rides have a certain risk element on the roads, Bykea is always providing free insurance cover for both the driver and passenger. Transit insurance is also provided if you are delivering a package to some place.

All parcels and rides can be tracked via a GPS system.

Booking a ride is a simple process

In order to make a booking, you will need to install and use the Bykea app. Simply follow these steps to initiate and complete a booking:

  • Set pickup location
  • Look for Bykea riders around the pickup location
  • Decide the kind of service you want (taxi or parcel)
  • Select your rider and confirm
  • Your Bykea rider will come and pick you or your parcel up
  • Once the trip has ended, you can pay and rate your ride.

Rate list for Bykea Service

To become a partner with Bykia, simply visit their partnership website.