This Girl’s Version Of Kailash Kher’s Teri Diwani Is The Best Version You’ve Ever Heard

Her voice is on par with seasoned professionals. Watch and decide for yourself

Iqra Arif, a student from NCA was recently captured in a video singing ‘Teri Dewani’ from her classroom at NCA.

And by any means, her voice is extremely mature and powerful. It’s safe to say that her voice rivals the finest vocals Pakistan has created.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself!

Meet Iqra’s Band ‘Sawaal’

Turns out Iqra doesn’t just sing from her classroom, she also performs at different venues through her band ‘Sawaal’.

Her band consists of two members, herself and Faraz Siddiqui on guitars.

The two describe their band as a rock, pop, sufi and classical venture. They have been performing around the country for past two years.

The band was founded by Faraz Siddique and their debut song was a National Song for ICC World Cup 2015. At this time, Iqra wasn’t part of the band. She only joined recently when the two jammed together.

In 2016, both of them performed several times at different venues. Some of their most memorable performances are below:

Sawaal Band (NCA) live concert
may taeray qurbaan at Arts Council Lahore

Saiyaan by Sawaal Band
Live concert at Comsats Islamabad

Sanson ki mala pe by Sawaal Band Live (NCA)


Iqra and Faraz have also been interviewed and performed on TV


With Her Appearance, She Sends A Strong Message

In the music industry, the combination of singing and hijab is often seen with negativity. Iqra’s appearance sends out a message that appearances do not matter.

If you’ve got talent, step out and show it to the world regardless of your background, ethnicity, or faith.

Iqra Has Also Been A Part Of Build Better Pakistan

Build Better Pakistan is an initiative by young boys and girls determined to make lives of Pakistanis better. They want to help anyone in need and are willing to spend all their resources.

My first volunteer with my NCA fellows, UET fellows, Riffa University’s fellows and sir – Iqra on left

They have done a lot of volunteer work where Iqra has also been a part of.



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