Girls From Lyari, Karachi Are Breaking All Barriers To Pursue Their Dreams Of Boxing

Girls from the poor locality of Lyari, Karachi are breaking all barriers to pursuing their dream of becoming professional boxers.

A small health and boxing club has been opened in the city where around more than 20 female students determined to learn boxing can be seen going in and out for training.

In a city and a country where women are often looked at with disgrace for doing such activities, a 16-year-old girl, Sarah Baloch became an idol of hope for many.

Sarah Baloch was the first one to enter the club with her sister. Her determination to learn boxing and be part of the Olympics sparked a fire in many other young girls of the area.

Soon the club became a popular spot for many young women to come and learn boxing.

One of these girls, Anisa Asghar strongly disapproves of the idea that boxing should only be limited to men. She thinks people who disallow women to take part in such activities must change the way they think.

A small boxing event was also organized by the club where the President of Pakistan Boxing Federation was a guest.

He said that while Lyari is taking leaps in promoting the sport, unfortunately, the federation does not have the means and funds to promote the sport countrywide.

He hopes to see improvement when others will see how determined the youth of Pakistan is to take part in sporting activities such as boxing.

Via Thequint