Dell Laptops vs. HP Laptops – Which is the Best?

Looking for a new laptop? Want to buy something fancy this holiday season? Want to settle with your choice for the rest of the year? Well, you have arrived at just the right place. Here we bring you all the latest trends and news from the gadget world so that you can enjoy the best. When it comes to online shopping store, makes sure that it only sells trust and not the product. Just bring your queries from brand choice to budgeting and see us do the rest while delivering you all the best that we have. This time it is the laptop buying and we understand all the troubles that an average shopper could face it while up for shopping.

From The Usual

There is really not much on offer when it comes to laptop shopping. A handful number of brands that can be trusted and a few more hands with varying models. You can actually count the market leaders on your fingers. There is Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba and to some extent Samsung laptops. Each brand has its highs and lows and the new models are usually announced around year end. In short, if you are going for laptops, this, in fact, is the right time to do so. With just a bunch of competitors, the laptops prices in Pakistan are quite stagnant, with a spike here and there when new models are announced.

But let’s be honest, no matter how many options you are provided and no matter how much we stack up on our virtual aisles, the leaders are pre-determined and unchallenged. It is largely about choosing between Dell and HP. The market leaders with a majority stake, both brands are known for state of the art technology and user attracting interactive displays. Be it Dell laptop price in Pakistan or the HP laptop price in Pakistan, the competition is undecided one.

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Things You Should Be Looking Out For

While buying a new laptop, you have to take care of some important factors. These factors help you greatly in choosing the most suitable brand for you. These not only help you but will also help the people around you, when they will come and have a look at your masterpiece. These important factors include pricing, performance, customer support, appearance, promotional offers.

Start from Pricing

If you are up to buying anything from fashion to appliances and gadgets, the first thing you should be asking is, how much could I spend? The same is the case with laptop shopping, the first and the foremost question should be about budget. A comparison on this front reveals that Dell laptops prices are low as compared to HP’s iconic ones.  This can also be attributed to the fact HP brings out more detailed specifications and is known for being more on the professional. While the sleek designs and appealing colors make Dell a more of a laptop for college and university fellows.

What’s Better for Personal Use

Well, you cannot really call one as outstanding while completely negating the other one. Instead of comparing the two, we can help you choose between the two by introducing you to some of the key features. Normally a personal computer for home use may not call for heavy downloads until and unless you are too much into movie watching. Well for downloads you need RAM and performance optimized with 500 GB storage, an i3 processor, and 4 GB RAM. This type of a setup can help you with all the latest downloads. Meeting these requirements is the all new HP laptops – the HP Pavilion x360 while being accompanied along with Dell Inspiron i5758-428BLK. Both are pretty much same priced and are easily available in the local market.

HP though may fascinate you with its 2 in 1 touch screen and a 13-inch display complemented with 6th generation Intel core i3 processor, a 520 Graphics card and a WLED backlit touch screen. While the Dell one is a bit big in display with 17.3 inches but falls short on other factors with core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, and 500 GB HDD.

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For Gamers

If you are a gamer and looking for a model that can help you win your virtual leagues then you will be needing a minimum of 8 GB RAM, a storage capacity of 1 TB and to the least an i7 processor. You can either go with more features or fewer features we are simply providing minimum requirements on the basis of our research. Agreeing to the fact that gaming laptops require high specifications it is always advised that you compare the RAM and Hard Disk more than anything. Price is the real driving factor and almost all gaming laptops are high priced and you cannot escape that.

For Business Users

If you are a business user and are looking forward to laptops then instead of wasting your time on specs, just have a look around at and buy what suits you the best. Normally work laptops don’t require much of innovation until and unless you are using some high details specific software or operating system it is all just regular. You can always support your work laptops with power banks. You may have a feel that power bank price in Pakistan are slightly high but once bought along laptops it will appear peanuts.