Here Are Some Cooking Oils Deemed Unfit For Consumption By Punjab Food Authority

In a continued attempt to crackdown against cooking oils that are substandard, Punjab Food Authority has just declared a number of cooking oil and ghee brands ‘unfit’ for consumption.

Most of these brands were declared unfit for consumption due to lack of Vitamin A and rancidity. Also, some of them are using artificial flavors while others are being made from dead animal fat.

The Punjab Food Authority has released a public notification that can be read below:


Here are the brands that were declared ‘unfit’

It’s scary to see how many well-known brands are included in the list that we would normally buy without thinking twice. The list includes names such as:

  1. Shah Cooking Oil
  2. Shah Banaspati
  3. Smart Canola Cooking Oil
  4. Ghani Cooking Oil
  5. Shahtaj Cooking Oil
  6. Soya Supreme Cooking Oil
  7. Kashmir Canola Oil
  8. Coco Banaspati
  9. Sufi Sunflower Cooking Oil
  10. Soya Supreme Banaspati
  11. Olive Premium Canola Oil
  12. Momin Cooking Oil
  13. Mayaar Banaspati
  14. Momin Banaspati
  15. Salva Spanish Olive Oil
  16. Seasons Banaspati
  17. Sundrop Cooking Oil
  18. Tullo Cooking Oil
  19. Tallo Banaspati
  20. Maan Banaspati
  21. Naaz Banaspati
  22. Kisan Vegetable Ghee
  23. Malta Banaspati


Following this, cooking oil manufacturers went on strike

Following the announcement of PFA, cooking oil manufacturers went on an indefinite strike and stopped the production of their units which suspended the supply of these oils countrywide.

The cooking oil association responsible for the strike has not contacted PFA and vice versa. Both have not talked to sit down and talk to resolve the issue.

The Punjab Food Authority may have announced these oils unfit for consumption, but why are they not taking any direct action against low-quality oils that are unsafe for health?